World of Goo


Enjoy this amazing physics based puzzle / construction game


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World of Goo is one of those games that seem to be easy to play, but they are really difficult to master. First levels are easy, they are good to get used to the way you have to play, but as long as you pass levels, they get harder and harder and it's really challenging.

The main objective of the game is to get a requisite number of goo balls to a pipe representing the exit. In order to do so, the player must use the goo balls to construct bridges, towers, and other structures to overcome gravity and various terrain difficulties such as hills, spikes or cliffs.

You'll find several types of goo balls in the game, each of which has unique properties. Exploit combinations of these goo balls in order to complete each level and you'll be the king of World of Goo.

The game is divided into five chapters, each containing several levels. Each level has its own graphic and musical theme, giving it unique atmosphere, so fun is sure.

Don't hesitate, World of Goo has surprised millions of users all around the world, play it and you'll get hooked.

The demo version includes the first level.

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